NEW: Property Management Services

You love your Hilton Head vacation home.  Don’t leave the condition of your property to chance. In addition to our home improvement services we now offer property management and maintenance services to absentees and second homeowners in the Hilton Head, South Carolina area.

When you are away, you want to be sure your property will remain in the same good condition you left it. However, without professional property management your home may be at risk not only of obvious issues like forced entry or flooding; mold and mildew buildup happens slowly but may become a major problem if not addressed.  The good news: With P & P Home Improvements, your home will be in good hands.  With our professional property management services we take care of any small or major issue to give you the peace of mind you deserve.  We offer the following property management services:

Basic Property Review Services

Each property will be visited and inspected on a weekly or by-weekly basis. The Basic Property Review Services include:
•    Visual inspection of the property inside and out;
•    Visual inspection for leaks, water damage, broken windows, skylights, mold, mildew, etc.
•    Major appliances;
•    Heating/Air Conditioning – check of thermostat settings based on seasons;
•    Plumbing;
•    Electrical system;
•    Vehicles;
•    Mail – from mailbox, forward mail on request;
•    Check of circuit breakers;
•    Ensure general security of all doors and windows;
•    Secure patio or deck furniture, if needed.

Extended/Liaison Property Services

In addition to the Basic Property Review Services, we offer the following – fees are calculated on an hourly basis:
•    Provide immediate emergency call service, if necessary, to vendors after notification to homeowner, if major problems arise;
•    Provide contractor estimates, when needed;
•    Accompany all vendors for repairs to property;
•    Scheduling of contractor services as requested (plumbing, HVAC, cleaning, pest control, etc.)
•    Car starting, delivery, and/or service maintenance;
•    Inspection and maintenance of golf carts;
•    Providing entry and/or key services for contractor and service personnel;
•    Meet deliveries, if needed.

Freeze Services

The first visit before the threat of a freeze is to prepare your residence by raising thermometers and dripping inside and outside faucets. After the forecasted threat of freeze, a return visit will be made to check for damage, reset thermostats and faucets. Fee to be determined.

Hurricane Preparation and Follow-up Services

Our pre-storm property watch before the storm will prepare your residence for the threat.  Services include:
•    Bringing in all outdoor items (furniture, plants, etc.) within reason;
•    Turning off all circuit breakers (except refrigerator), if requested by local electric provider.

Our second visit after the storm is to check your home for any damage.  Services include:
•    Reset any circuit breakers;
•    Provide photos of any damage;
•    Remove spoiled refrigerator/freezer goods.
•    If no property damage is reported, the property will be restored to pre-storm condition.
•    Provide damage estimates, when needed.
•    Accompany all vendors for repairs to property, if needed.

Fee to be determined.

Many Good Reasons for Property Management Services

What does property management mean? We compiled this (non-comprehensive) list of common issues that we will address on our homeowners’ behalf:

Storm damage:  A common problem along the East Coast. We will prepare your property for the event and visit after the storm for damage assessment. With constant communication with the owner, we can arrange any repair services. We will also clear the driveway from branches, making sure all service vehicles can get into the property.
Annual roof clean off:  We monitor debris on the roof and let the owner know if it needs to be cleaned.
Forced entry:  Sometimes folks feel if they are in a “gated community”, they are safe – but that is not true. We always check for signs of forced entry.
Vandalism:  Pictures are taken during every visit, so if changes occur – we have the “before and after”.
Flooding:  We live in the “low country” – flooding can be a concern.
Moisture problems:  Some homes are prone to mold and mildew, and living in such a humid climate, it is very common.
Plumbing failures:  Running all faucets and flushing all toilets on a regular basis is a great way to check for plumbing issues before they become major problems.
Broken pipes:  Pipes can break inside walls and ceilings – the damage can be contained, if the water gets turned off as soon as a leak is detected.
Pest invasion:  Even with a good pest control company, a constant check will keep the pests away. Pest control inspections are typically done on a quarterly basis.
Tripped breakers:  Checking breakers can eliminate major problems down the line.
Function of air conditioner:  This is major. If the air is not functioning, mold and mildew will build up. The unit can also be leaking. If the unit is on the 2nd floor, an owner does not want to see it on the 1st floor. Typically our owners have a service contract with A/C companies – we set up the visits and oversee annual air conditioner inspections and cleaning.
Function of refrigerator:  Even if a refrigerator does not have much food left in it, we want to make sure it is working properly.
Run the dishwasher:  Dishwashers need to be run to avoid seizing up.
Doors/windows locked:  Making sure our properties are locked and secure is a priority.
Removal of newspapers:  Having newspapers and flyers collect is a clear sign that no one is in the home.
Mail delivery:  Any delivered mail will be forwarded to the property owner.
Start and idle vehicles:  If the owner would like us to run the vehicles – no problem.
Meet and/or monitor service personnel:  If the security system or other systems need to be checked, we will let the service folks in and lock up when they leave.
Monitor maintenance services such as lawn care, etc.:  If the pool has not been cleaned or the lawn folks don’t show up – we find out why and notify the property owner.

Absentee Homeowner Application

You want your property to be in great shape – when you’re there and when you’re away.  Contact us today and have peace of mind tomorrow.